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11/18/2008 There are lots of other posts by others, including myself on CZ that illustrate the use of lime water and other strong alkaline solutions in food preparations, medicines, and as a disinfectant throughout human history...

Nixtamalization is but one...

The use of nixtamalization goes back to the Inca and Aztec in ancient South America. Not using the nitamalization process with corn, when used as a primary grain, leads to pellegra...

In other uses, lime water was extensively used for centuries, perhaps thousands of years for wound dressings... in the ancient far east and middle east combined with turmeric... in the medieval ages, bandages were soaked in lime water, when they had it, to greatly reduce the risk of the wound becoming infected; it also sped up the healing of the wounds. This was learned from the Monks... it was\is used in dentistry... check out medical patents.

Then there are the alkalizing mineral baths. Lime water (white wash) was also used to wash down hospitals, houses, barns, fences, etc. etc. to kill germs and make them impervious to germs... lime water was one of the first solutions used in hospitals to wash hands and forearms with between patients, specifically to eliminate the spread of disease... then came chlorinated lime water... long
before soap was introduced.

A couple other uses in South America were for the teeth and breath, where Lime-water with a little Peruvian bark was occasionally used for those who had defective teeth, and\or chronic bad breath, and for warts which were wet and rubbed two or three times a day with a piece of unslaked lime; leaves no scar.

Some very excellent supplement companies use it in some of their formulations with matching complimentary acids...

I have used it to prepare corn with the nixtamalization; and have to tell you it can make a very sweet, easily digestible, and more nutritive food out of it.

The various uses of kelp and other seaweed in diet is as old as man. Medicine and nutrition both... nearly every beneficial use for SSKI, Lugol's, and iodoral, iodine found in the iodine forums can be searched and found attributed to kelp... and then some; check out kelp extracts and patent formulations by pharmaceutical companies... the lists will surprise and might even shock you.

Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years in soil conservation and human health and nutrition.

Putting the five ingredients together in a drink is more recent, but the mix and use makes total sense; carbon bonding minerals with plant sugars from the BSM and lemon or ACV in order to create a bio-available synergistic mineral supplement drink for pennies a day.

Even Ted's ( BS and ACV drink illustrates the chemical reactions between an acid and a alkaline and the chemical changes in properties that take place... people choose to believe one thing or the other... make your own choice.

The use of molasses\honey\sorghum\syrup along with vinegar or lemon juice (can be used by itself if you want) goes back to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonia and was and used by ancient to modern man planet wide.
Basic stuff... and readily available information if you are willing to research older posts and books, including medical and 100+ year old holistic\naturapathic journals. Research all the ingredients uses in medicine, including folk medicine... look up patent medicines etc. etc. Be motivated to do some reading and research... do not rely on others. BSM, ACV, Kelp, Lemon, etc, all have strong histories in folk medicine and nutrition.

An article on calcium use in cultures, longevity etc.
a google search on "milk of the mountains"
US%3Aofficial&hs=1VF&q=%22milk+of+the+mountains%22&btnG=Search The whole google search

nixtamalization... US:official&hs=6cu&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=nixtamalization&spell=1 May have to copy and paste that one.

Here is the drink...
Switchel or honey/molasses (sorghum or BSM)/maple syrup and vinegar or lemons have been used as a health tonic tonic since written history. If I am not mistaken Hippocrates among others recommended it... and similar tonics were common in ancient Egypt and Babylonia.

I have been doing this drink for 3 years; my friends, many of them doctors have requested that I give classes on this stuff after being wittiness to my continued near miraculous improvements. I have internationally known doctors who are backing my "health talks" and qualified background to give them, several stating already that in less than 10 minutes I have taught them more than they knew. I was expected to be in a wheel chair or have bi-lateral knee replacements by now... I took 2 hikes over the last two days and spent 3 hours doing martial Arts; with one of those medical professionals who saw me at my lowest point of physical health... they have seen the results first hand... this, being witness to this kind of improvement in an individual (and in others I have so far counseled), is very compelling evidence to the efficacy of the methods.

I encourage you to search for and read, my testimonial posts... you will see what was wrong with me and how far I have come... I have only a few complaints now and then, and then, an adjustment can usually handle the issue(s) in little, to no time.

Believe whom you wish, and do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. I can tell you right now... this protocol, the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, are not for people who want strong viable, noticeable results within hours, days, or weeks, perhaps months depending on their condition... this protocol, along with the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle are for those that want to make a definitive, lasting, lifetime improvement on their quality of life, and for those that wish to quit wasting money on needless supplements, while continuously second guessing themselves and their protocols on a daily basis.

If I feel a little off one way or the other, it is easy for me to make immediate adjustments in the drink, my diet, amount of sleep, and lifestyle to compensate... as seasons change, I make adjustments in the drink, baths, etc... more kelp in the winter... less in the summer etc. etc.

Read, study, find your own way... become a teacher and leader, not one who runs around asking others for disagreement or debate of any particular protocol or action from another post that they have read somewhere, by somebody.

That said, one could go to the added expense of choosing to make their own green foods drinks, growing and raising, then eating their own high quality foods (this takes hard work and practice), and accomplish a similar, or even identical goal, dependent upon commitment (in both cases) but this may be impractical for many without the land availability, and extremely taxing on those with little income or money.