--Feeling Much Better Inhaling H2O2 Mist-- by Seektruth

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4/8/2007 About 3 or 4 weeks ago I became very fatigued, weak and quite faint. It was like a low blood sugar reaction. When it continued on into the 2nd day, I was very puzzled and quite concerned. It was shortly after reading a suggestion by Moreless to someone to do the inhalation of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide every hour. As I pondered what I should do about my problem, I had a strong feeling to try the inhalation. I emptied out a nasal spray pump, washed and rinsed it, and filled it with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and started spraying. I set the timer and sprayed once per hour into my mouth as Moreless suggested. Within a couple of hours I was feeling much better and after 4-5 hours I was back to myself. I really don't know if I was coming down with something or what--all I know is that I got my energy back. I have continued to spray, but don't think to do it every hour on an ongoing basis. I just spray when I think about it (maybe about 4 times per day and sometimes I will do two pumps instead of the one).

I created the 3% HP by diluting 11 oz distilled water with 1 oz 35% HP.

The only way you can determine for yourself is to try it.