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Your comment: Alkalyzing Baths
Run a hot bath (as hot as you can personally stand).
To this add the following:
1-2 pounds of Epsom Salt
1/2 to 1 pound of Baking Soda
3-4 pints of Hydrogen peroxide
Soak in this bath for a period of time. Start out slow (i.e. 15 minutes). As your health improves you will be able to stay in them for much longer. If you are in ill health make sure there is someone you can call to help you if you feel to weak to get out of the bath or if you feel like passing out.
After the bath, finish by taking a cold shower. This is very important. Do not skip the cold shower step. Stay in the cold shower for a few minutes. Just long enough to cool down your entire body.
You can do these baths as often as you like. ----A friend of mine who used this protocol to cure himself of cancer did these baths as often as three times per day. Again start out slow, especially if you are very ill and make sure to always finish with a cold shower.