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12/13/2006 I have felt I was not voiding everything last few weeks, so last Saturday I did cleansing salt water enema, coffee enema and then again salt water enema. I did not see much come out of it.

Last evening I decided I should try ACV Enema for the first time. I only added 1 oz of ACV (the organic stuff I put in my alkalizing drink) in my 2 quart enema bag. I felt a little bit of cramping (which I usually don't) and wow, so much stinking stuff came out, it was just like when I do liver flushes and how my colon cleans up after the epsom salt drinks, greenish brownish stinking water.

I sincerely believe that all the stuff I am doing, I am having a die off and my system has been clogged off and it is making it worse with this mucus cough and rash. I will be leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks and as I do not computer at home moreless et al, could you please answer these questions for me as I do intend to do another acv enema may be tomorrow morning and when I return.

1. I am already drinking 9-10 glasses of water (including alkalizing drinks and weigh lesss than 95 lbs), do I have to drink more than that? 2. Is it okay to do another 1 oz acv enema tomorrow am? Also, what must I do to replenish after such a strong enema reaction? 3. Upon my return is it okay if I do 1 oz ACV cleansing enema and then coffee enema to get rid of all the excess toxins I will have accumulated during my travel? Would I have to follow coffee enema with another either salt water, plain water or 1 oz ACV enema? I think I am already finding that my mucus sputum since last night is a bit less and itching is tiny bit better !!! I am so positive that this cleansing will assist me in my short term problems, I would not mind it but because of travel I just want to get rid of it.. Thank you moreless and the rest of the members of the forum as reading from their comments, experiences I have learnt a lot and intend to continue learning to heal myself. So calcium hydroxide here we go, I shall add it to my drinks but will do it gradually, I intend to do everything too much. Peace.