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Hello. I'm new to posting here, but wanted to post an introduction, with my results. I am 47, and feel that I have been in declining health for about 10 years. I know that my pH has been low during this time. I have tried numerous products and supplements, with nothing really helping or improving my health. I have felt comepletely powerless to stop my decline. That is, until now. I have been following the Moreless protocol for about 3 weeks, and have noticed considerable improvement, and I am so excited. I have been taking the alkalizing drink 3x a day. My drink consists of 1 TB BSM, 1 TB of ACV (or 1/2 lemon) 1 TB of kelp, 1 pinch of ES, and 1 cup (yes....1 CUP) of the lime water in each drink. I usually add 1/2 cup of frozen spinach, and blend it up in the blender. I started out drinking the whole thing at once (to get the kelp down) but I have recently changed to drinking it 1/2 at a time for a total of 6x a day. I have been doing a detox bath about 4-5 times a week, either the ES/bicarb/H202, ES/ACV, or the ES/CH. I soak for 25-30 minutes, with a cold shower afterward. I have also been doing the misting sprays daily.....both diluted ACV and H202. I have also started oil pulling with sunflower oil. I usually do that twice a day. My pH has risen considerably, and I am THRILLED! Virtually all my aches and pains are gone, and I had a few! In the last couple of years or so, my knees had started to ache if I exercised, or stood too long through the course of the day. Not anymore! Those aches have dissappeared virtually overnight!
Christmas shopping with my daughters (read: long hours in the mall) was a breeze. I have various pains in my fingers, elbows, and shoulders which I believe were the beginning stages of arthritis. They too are gone. I have had symptoms of intersticial cystitis in the past. Those symptoms are gone.
My teeth and gums are in poor shape, and I am hoping for some improvement there at my next check-up. My chronic depression has lifted...probably becauseI feel so happy to have been able to do SOMETHING to help myself. Should I go on? My hair, which was falling out at a tremendous rate a month ago, has completely stopped. I have had back/disc problems in the past. I did something to injure it a week ago, and thought I would be in for a several month rehab as I usually am when this happens. This time, the pain/inflammation was gone in 3 days? Did the protocol help me to recover faster? I'm not sure, but I'm sure as heck not going to stop!! I have noticed even more improvements, but if I continue, I think people reading this will be too skeptical!!
Thank you Moreless, for your selfless effort to educate all. I am so grateful to you.