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8/2/2007 After spending many months reading this site and then starting the alkalizing drink about 6 months ago, then the full body soaks (anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week) about 3 months ago I have found the following:

That my low body temperature has improved so much that I feel quite warm in the midde of winter here, and I’ve been cold all my life.

My Hot flushes have disappeared altogether in the last 3 weeks.

My tender breasts are non existent now, as are all most my PMT symptoms.

My hair has almost stopped falling out and the outer eyebrow hair is regrowing.

I have a tooth that has an abcess and I am refusing to have it removed because I am sure with this protocol it will eventually heal, and it is slowly getting better.

I feel like I have been a crying emotional wreck since the birth of my last child 22 years ago, however since starting to alkalize this has improved out of site as well.

My constipation is also a thing of the past thanks to the Epsom Salts.

I have never stopped searching for a simple way to improve my health, and have ended up with so may health books I could start a library, I’ve spent thousands of dollars as well on supplements and at my lowest times wanted to chuck it all in and take the so called easy path of anti depressants, thyroid medication etc, however I managed to keep going by using herbs and food only supplements and I am so glad that I did because I finally found what I was looking for.

Nothing else has given me the results in 6 months that this alkalizing protocol from Moreless has, and I know by making some more changes in my diet that I can keep on improving.

My first experience with the full body soaks using only 1 Tablespoon Lime water, two consecutive nights, ended with me hobbling around for two weeks with a terrible lower back pain, it took me a few weeks to make up my mind to try again, but it did prove to me that these baths really do work.

I am now able to do the Calcium Hydroxide bath with 2 tablespoons an no after effects, though I do make sure I have the cold rinse of afterwards.

I have also been putting 2 litres 0f Hydrogen Peroxide in these baths.