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Hi Ya'll,

To make it easier for searching for folks Seeking to find answers, Please follow these Guidelines:

To create a New Main Topic in any forum (This starts a New Thread subject), Click on button named Create Forum Topic.

In the subject box, type in the name of the ----Specific subject---- to be discussed.

This shall help with searching by subject.

Then Type in our post comments in the box marked --Body--.

To make a reply to an existing Forum Topic, follow these Guidelines:

Click on the Reply button related to the persons post you want to Reply to.

This shall bring up a page with a Subject box, which we need to type in a Related subject addressing our reply.

Then go to the Comment box and type in our Reply post.

Please try to post relative subjects to the relative forum topic started, or create a New topic.

If we change the subject discussion very much from the orginal post, Please start a New Forum topic!

Following these instructions may provide for easier location of subjects we may be interested in viewing and making replies to.


Smile Tis your choice.