Six healings in three months

Hello all,

I promised to get back at you with the changes my body/spirit/mind has undergone since June 10th, when I first started drinking the alkalizing drink...

  1. The container I use at night to urinate into was always coated (thickly) with a crusty lime or calcium deposit.

    I still use the same container, there is no build up of any deposits.

  2. For 3-1/2 years, I had hives as big as a dinner plate and as many as six of them on my body at any one time. Doctors had no clue as to what they were, why they were, and what to do about them. They were itchy!!!

    I no longer have hives.

  3. For 3-1/2 years, I would swell up in my lips, cheeks, tongue, roof of mouth, uvella, (other places close to face, ear lobe, eye, etc) but worst of all was when my throat would swell up and threaten to close, I had to go to the emergency room and receive shots to stop a life-threatening disaster. So scary!

    No more swellings. (Thank you, Lord!)

  4. My hair was quite gray.
    My hair is quite brown!
  5. My feet and lower legs would get so itchy I was scratching them bloody. I even used a stiff bristle brush to scratch with and literally tore my skin up till it would bleed but couldn't stop the itch. My skin became extremely dry, cracked and peeling.

    ML told me to start moistening them with water then applying coconut oil nightly. Very noticeable(sp?) difference overnight! One week later, all healed up, no cracks, no dryness, no itch!

  6. My legs "twitched" horribly. It felt like electrical shocks. It would shoot from my feet throughout my leg up to my knee. There were many times if I had not been in public, I would have cried tears.

    I took ML advice and take Flaxseed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and an occasional spoon of coconut oil. Still some twitching but very minimal, not near as frequent and... I've only been on oil for one week.

  7. Woo Hoo!

    Praise the Lord!

    I feel stronger, my mind is clearer, I feel like a person again.

    I still have a lot of pain in my feet, elbows, right shoulder, and my wrists are very tight. But... how long was this in coming...? How long did I abuse my body? I have to be patient and KNOW it will continue to get better. "What you think - you become"

    Thanks to all of you for your concern, help and support! It's all of you that keep my spirits up and keep me going!


    I'm so glad I found you!