--I forgot to drink water-- by Evanluck

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Every once in a while I realize something so important that I overlooked and once I correct it, every thing seems to get much better.

I've been akalyzing for over a year now and definitely consider myself one of the many that have experienced miraculous positive changes in my health as a result.

Most recently, I was doing a series of baths and did not realize that we were getting close to the full moon. Then we had a series of days experiencing a weather condition of very low humidity and dry winds. My face got really dry and my lips were dry, cracking and peeling.

I did an enema, upped my dosages of kelp and lime water, and started topically applying some ACV to my face. This made things better but I was still missing something. Then I realized that I was not really drinking water. For the last three days I've been buying a couple 1.5 liter bottles of akaline water (ph 9.4 produced by "ionic separation" marketed under the brand name Essentia) and making sure that I drink them slowly throughout the day. Wow did that make a huge difference.

Just goes to show you how long I've been around this information and how easy it is to make such an obvious error.

Hope this helps someone to avoid the same mistake.

God Bless,