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10/5/2009 Hi Wakin up,

I saw your post of a few days ago and thought you might like to hear my experience of pregnancy whilst doing this protocol. I took the Moreless drink [heavy on the lime water] at least once and sometimes 3 times a day.

I had morning sickness for 3 days. I was out of town, eating poorly and no Moreless drinks. I gathered up ingredients for the drink and had no more morning sickness even though I was away for another month with dubious food.

Physically I had a fantastic pregnancy. Apart from those 3 days I had none of the discomforts many [most] women have. I did get a little tired towards the end of pregnancy and had to increase my BSM for extra iron even though I was taking 3 Tblsp a day already. My baby grew well 8.6# at birth, healthy and strong. I didn't really put on any extra weight, it was all baby. The birth was all
natural and uncomplicated.

Do not underestimate how much having a baby and then breast feeding will take from your body. A few years ago I was seriously mineral deficient. Before falling pregnant I had worked really hard to turn that around. I suspect that ground work allowed me such a good pregnancy. During my pregnancy I had a few consumming and devestating events happen. I was very stressed and sad a lot of
the time. In addition I no longer had the good food I had regained my health with, nor the opportunity to hunt for and prepare the best I could. But I did have the protocol. My daughter is now 17 months old and thriving. I am only just getting back to where I was pre-pregnancy. Although I have been fine, I had a few old ailments return [aches and pains] and my hair started falling out after
a year of breast feeding. Now that I have adjusted to having a baby to care for and spend more time tending my garden and looking after myself I am rebuilding my mineral reserves.

Stuff those minerals in any way you can - your baby and body will love you for it.

Best of health for the 2 of you.