Are Obama and his supporting Politicians all possessed with Evil Spirits (Demons)?

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Hi Ya'll,

Is Obama possesed with a "Demon"? What about the rest of his Administration and "ALL" Politicians who beat the drum of "Demon-ocracy" who have forsaken the American Republic, where all men are Created Equal and endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights. (Declaration of Independence)

If you'd known Obama and the rest of these Politicians who declare America to be a "Demon-ocarcy" and not a Republic anymore, were possesed with Evil Spirits (Demons), would you have voted for them ? It's all about "isms"...many gods..."demon-ocracy"... not a Christian Republic which was intended and deliniated by God Almighty.

A "Demon-ocarcy" is where the Majority Rule. Example: Where two wolves and one lamb vote to see what they are going to have for lunch. Who do you think will be put in the pot and be eaten?

A Republic is where All men are Created Equal and each has God given Rights to Live with Freedom of Life from the Wolves dressed in Sheeps clothes who are seeking to devour us were they can Trick us into being their next meal.

How can anyone give you something for Free like Obamacare, without first taking it from someone else who has worked for their own care?

How can these politicians give people who are not willing to work and who have made Welfare their way of Life, Tax money that pays for this Welfare way of Life, without first Stealing this Tax Money from other people who are doing all the work that pays for this Tax Money?

Stealing from the Working Man and giving it to those who refuse to work is Socialism (Demon-ocarcy), which is Satan's way of doing things. So how are all Politicians who choose to believe in and enforce the Socialism of "Demon-ocarcy" on the working man not themselves the Evil workers of Satan? How are these Politicians not possesed with Evil Spirits (Demons)?

As usual not everything may be as it may first seem to be!

Cause and Effect!

Smile Tis your choice.