---Gout Healing & Detox Bath Soaks-- by David C.

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Wanted to let you know of my latest improvements.

I used to get Gout very bad several times a year, until I learned from you to change my diet avoiding foods that contain too much NPN and do the detox soak baths. I have been on your protocol for several years now and rarely have any problem with Gout unless I eat too much food that has too much funny protein (NPN) in it.

What has helped me the most that I notice are taking regular detox baths 3 times each week, These have provided me with the greatest relief the fastest from any joint aches and pains. Learning to avoid eating Poor quality foods that are high in NPN helps me avoid getting Gout in the 1st place.

The problem of poor quality foods containing too much NPN have really hit home with me, what with all the news about people getting sick and dieing this summer from eating cantaloupe and the supposed Experts claiming the problem is listeria or some other virus. The reason this news caught my attention so much is because this summer I had gotten some cantaloupe from a local farmer and after eating one I got a serious case of Gout, which I hadn't had for a long time. After talking to you I discovered these cantaloupe were very Low Brix and contained a High amount of NPN. This is what caused the Gout to affect my joints again and I suspect this may be the reason most other people are getting sick and even dieing and the supposed Experts are blaming it on some virus, when the real problem is that of Low Brix Poor Quality with too much Funny Protein (NPN)! I had given some of these cantaloupe to a friend of mine and he later told me they made him sick with joint aches and pains. So I know it wasn't just in my head.

At 1st I was using your suggested early detox bath mix using some baking soda with the epsom salt and peroxide, which helped a lot, but have changed to your New formula using the Rock Salt in place of the baking soda. Making this change to using the Rock Salt instead of the baking soda has made very great difference for me over the old method. I no longer have aches or pain in my joints, especially my knee and big toe joints which used to bother me on a continued basis.

Here is my mix that I now use for a full bath soak:

Epsom Salt --2 Lbs
3% Peroxide --1 quart
Rock Salt --1 cup

Then to this I alternate every other time using one then the other of:

1 teaspoonful of Calcium Hydroxide
1 cup of apple cider vinegar

No more Gout or Joint Aches & Pains thanks to your suggestions.

David C.