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8/20/2007 Hi, Katie!

Everyone is responsible for their own health, for making their own decisions.

Many of us who come to this site have a long history of using lots and lots of products, and although we are told we can simplify and save lots of time, bother and money by eliminating all or most of them, each person makes their own decision regarding this.

I was tired of the expense, bother, complication, and barely noticable results on all the stuff I had tried b4. So, I prayed for help and ended up here. I have replaced the time aspect with sudying to improve my knowledge of how this works and taking time to share what I learn. This is ongoing for me, or I do not make as much progress.

I have gone from taking around 200 pills day and using lots of liver and kidney cleansing teas with twice a month liver cleanses down to 4 strong alkalizing drinks a day, about 3-5 detox baths a week, a much healthier higher quality diet chosen with a refractometer, and only 3 pills a day: 1 armour thyroid, and 2 lithium orotate. I save lots of time, and about $300 a month, since I can also cut down on the chiropractic treatments now.

And my health is steadily improving as I keep paying attention, learning more, and sharing with other what i already know. Extreme exhaustion? Better within a few days! Plantar fascitis? Gone within the first 8 weeks! Candida? Under control within days, and progressively able to eat a more and more varied diet: many fresh fruits for the first time in years. Dry skin and skin discoloration
from sun damage? Gone and fading! Fungus at groin, under breasts, on feet? Gone! Excessive hair loss? No more! I can't even keep track of all that is improving.

The best part is that I now know what I need and how to get it for myself. The spiritual and psychological impact of that is profound. The locus of control is with me, not some expert with their hand in my wallet! Fear and anxiety are gone. Health and life are an enjoyable adventure!

This can happen for you, too!