--benefits of the kelp are clearly noticable-- by tbg

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Hi Moreless (and other Alkalizers),
First off, thanks so much for this forum. I have been reading it actively for the past week, making my way through many of the postings. I really appreciate your insight, Moreless, and am learning a lot here and experientially. I feel grateful for your insights.

When I first starting taking the alkalizing drinks about a week and a half ago both my saliva and urine ph's tested high. I added the kelp after a few days and found it much easier to take down through a straw and now it doesn't seem like such a big deal. I like the taste more with lemon juice than acv, but even with acv it isn't bad. I have a pretty easy time taking things that are good for me,
though H202 treatment got pretty rough, as my body seemed to really resist it. With the Alkalizing drink the benefits of the kelp are clearly noticable. I'm now up to 2 tsps of kelp.

My health condition is a fairly fierce fungal condition. I'm in for the long haul, firmly commited to raising my ph, and thus naturally I am very grateful for all you've discovered. You've helped me raise my ph far more markedly than if I had counted on green drinks. I also chomp a good bit of parsley on most days, for a snack. I enjoy it and feel calmer.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed exploring your forum.

Sincere regards, Tim