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Honestly I cant remember which day I started on my new diet but I figure its been around 10 days~

For those that read my previous post you will remember that one of the main reasons I started this diet was because of candida. I really didnt know how long I could handle being on the diet and if it would do anything (and in reality if I did not see any outside progress my motivation would be ALOT less).

My diet is basically a mix between a raw foods diet/anti-candida diet/and moreless's alka. acid diet

The 2 most obvious signs of yeast problems were a rash like issue (looked like heavy peeling of skin) around where my mustache (if I had one) and chin area. And a heavily coated tongue (white). It's a little hard to label the other symptoms as yeast since in reality they could stem from numerous conditions.

The facial stuff was fairly new ie 6 months old with it growing as time went on.

I've had a white tongue for ... geez I dont know how long; I figure about 5-7 years but it could be as long as 10 years.

I've been checking my tongure pretty regularly and I just checked it ... It appeared to me that at least 1/3 of my tongue's white coating was gone. And the wierd thing is I didnt notice this earlier or the past few days.

-I would say I check my tongue at least a couple times a day-

I really should of taken a picture of my tongue before I started this diet (but I thought that I wouldnt get this quick of a change or I wouldnt be able to keep the diet).

Obviously I could careless about the 'asthetic' appearance of my tongue; but the change in the coating lets me know that my body is changing and something is going on at least.

I really havn't been taking any anti-fungals. Although ...
I have taken about 5-6 caps of primal defense 1x every other day
I have eaten some onions; not alot just some with my salad (every other day~)
I have eaten 2 coconuts so far since I have been on this diet (and I'm eating some now as I type this)and I have eaten cilantro (just a little)

If I remember right cilantro is used to kill parasite eggs, and I read on this forum that coconuts are high in caprylic acid, and onions are natural antifungals, and the primal defense has soil organisms.

But as you can see I really wasnt trying to concentrate on a anti-candida treatment.

Oh I forgot to mention; I have eaten fruit liberally in the past 10 days. Usually its at least once a day (although a couple days I skipped it); today I actually ate a whole pinapple (a rather large fruit amount compared to my previous eatings).

I've only been taking a version of the alkalyzing drink once every other day. I got excited and wanted to share my progress :)

oh and to top it off I've lost about 8lbs.