--Chronic constipation gone & Sex drive back-- by mountaingoatuk

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Well 2 weeks in and I feel strangely different from the alkalising drink in a good way. I added probiotics before meals and digestive enzymes afterwards. I built up to 2 drinks a day. My sleep has improved though not totally. I have a bowel movement after food and they are big and chestnut coloured with no undigested food in them. I am still passing noodle looking worms usually one a day. My diet has been very naughty over christmas but I managed to be good were alcohol is concerned.I am starting a diet of raw, organic seasonal veggies tomorrow. I am just so happy that my chronic constipation has gone and that I have finally found an approach that works. Some other notible differences are decreased neck and back pain/stiffness, seem to be getting personality back, feel excited over the future, sex drive coming back and am coughing up mucous that I think has been at the bases of the lungs for a long time. Thanks guys and
Happy New Year.