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It's just unbelievable the things that have happened over the last year. Even though i certainly don't understand how all this works[and it isn't so simple to me],i definitely understand that the acid/alkaline principles have cured me of many ailments and health issues. I will try to understand how things work as i continue forward. But the most unbelievable thing is that Maya and Moreless continue their FREE work for the betterment of others in spite of constant attacks and badgering.To me this is a true,unbiased barometer of their heart and health that is really undeniable.I just wanted to let you guys know that i cannot tell you how grateful,appreciative and thankful i am to the both of you,THANK YOU.You are helping more and more people everyday,even though you may not know about it. Please stay the course and don't get discouraged,as this info is like GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you