--Real love is often tough love-- by Evanluck

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I was having some conversations with a friend of mine and we started marveling at how often doing the right thing and doing the "nice" thing are not the same thing. It seems as a culture we have gotten obsessive about being politically correct and in the name of being perceived as a "nice" person, we will not tell someone a truth that they need to but may not want to hear.

I was amazed at how often telling someone the truth that they needed to hear took me out of my comfort zone because I wanted to be selfish and not risk being perceived as not a "nice guy."

On a related note, I wanted to share how often in my past I have judged someone's communication style or appearance and missed an important truth that God was trying to tell me through that person. The bible is filled with extremely flawed people who God used to do amazing things. Moses was a murderer, Paul supervised the stoning of followers of Jesus. I try to imagine, being approached by a modern day version of John the Baptist and having him tell me some important truth about my health. Would I hear him or would I dismiss him because of what he was wearing? After a closer reading of the gospels I was actually shocked at how Jesus often did things that were not "nice" to try to truly help someone.

So now I try to never get bent out of shape or judge something influenced by my injured ego. I try to evaluate every bit of information against God's truth that is written in my heart. I only wish I hadn't covered up his truth with so many years of wrong information and false wisdom from the supposed experts of the world ;).

True love, sometimes even tough love, and most importantly God's love,