--So, You Don't 'Like' Moreless' Tone?-- by HeartSpirit

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12/7/2006 Hello

Moreless has a lot of jewels to share with us. We have to be willing to dig for them.

What is most interesting to me is people's concern for the newcomers. If you speak too bluntly, you might scare them away. If you are not nice, you might scare them away. (Don't worry so much, they will find their own way. We are not responsible for everyone to heal themselves, we are only responsible for ourselves.)

Well, if that's all it takes.. a few 'harsh' but true words...then they aren't ready to make changes anyway, now are they?

Yes, we are all overwhelmed when we begin learning the 'truth' about natural health and the allopathic industry.

We've all had to work our way through it and find OUR truth for OUR life.

I noticed Moreless' tone was strong at the beginning but I kept reading and listening because something made 'sense'. Over time I realized that the ph principles compliment a lot of other systems of healing. It seems to be another, and maybe final, puzzle piece. Especially for things like energy depletion after flushing, or why people are unhealthy even after flushing and eating 'good,
fresh' food.

I did not take Moreless' strong tone personally. Partly because I don't offend easily to strangers and secondly because what he says is way more valuable than the method of communication its given in (and its not even that strong, but that's my 'perception'.)

Part of the initial 'search' for health may be viewed as an initiation of sorts. Some will immediately turn their backs and never return. Some may feel overwhelmed, turn their backs but return at a later time. And some may feel overwhelmed but pursue immediately anyway.

And all choices are fine. If people are meant to heal themselves, they will find what they need from the sources they need. And if not, they're just not interested in healing 'yet' and that's fine too.

And for the 'veterans' of curezone I say this: If you're taking things personally, you may very easily find something to feel conflicted about. Either you can take responsiblity, and say yes, this is me and I'm doing the best I can. Or you can just look past the tone completely and grasp the jewels of information for your best interest.

Again, everyone finds what they need...if Moreless doesn't fit you someone else will. And if that person(s) doesn't fit your best interest in the long run, you'll learn from that anyway and change course...

Now... I'll see you back in class... ;)