--I am a living proof again-- by AnnaG

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I had slightly hyper thyroid gland, not very much buttest showed it hyper. In the beginning I had sort of weird simptoms related to thyroid I just know them. I woudl tske 1 tbls with each drink. Now I take 2/3 of teaspoon 3-5x a day. Interestingly, simptomps subsided. I even didn't notice when.What I found is many people are so scared to give it a try and at the slightest return of simptoms they stop. Due to my candida, I had a return of itching and other simptoms after my first BMS drink, but I didn't stop, I just knew I had to suffer a bit to get better. Perhaps I am lucky to be born a person who is not afraid to take a risk, Actually this fact turned out to be at ther root of my problems. But I trust, it's worth it.

Billion thanks to Moreless again !!!!!