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A couple of months ago I found out I have hypothyroidism and have done considerable research since then about iodine. Research is great, but for me the proof is in the pudding. I think it's been roughly two weeks since I started drinking the alk drinks and my life is completely different now.

I had posted that the weekend before last was the first weekend in months that I didn't require several naps during the day. This past weekend was the same and I had even more energy. Not one nap. I attribute the turn around to the alk drink, oil swishing, and backup thyroid-specific vitamins/minerals I'm taking. And the changes started taking place with the alk drink before I even started on the supplements.

Additionally, I haven't had much time to really focus on my diet -- it's very clean, however, from a pH perspective, I seem to be drawn to foods that are more acidic rather than alkalizing. And yet even though I haven't fine-tuned the foods I'm eating, (will soon), nor am I yet using a refractor, the alkalizing drink complete with lime water and kelp (iodine) has given me renewed energy to actually live my life instead of napping it away. I can only imagine how great I'll feel once I have a chance to hone in on my diet.

And if that wasn't enough to make me jump for joy, the last two days I worked out (hard). It's been a long time since I've had enough energy to work out at all, so that's just one more amazing miracle.

Anyway, now that I've written all of that, I'm a big proponent of iodine and truly feel that the effects are magnified with lime water.