I had no pain --by I will get there--

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I just finished a 10 day Master Cleanse, with the moreless drink added, and wanted to tell you what happened.

I was advised by Invincible to drink 2 moreless drinks per day (in addition to the lemonade of the MC) but with extra lime water and kelp. I know it sounds lame but I just couldn't drink them both (both moreless drinks). I drank about 1 drink each day. I was taking the kelp in capsules and popping that many (18 per drink) was making my stomach edgy.

Nevertheless, I noticed a real benefit. About day 7 or 8 my back began to ache, just a little, in the lower back. I realized I had not had my drink yet. I mixed one up and began sipping. After about an hour or so I had no pain.

The whole fast was pretty much pain free physically. I had a hard time mentally and emotionally but I don't think it was all fast related. I know I could have done even better had I actually drank both drinks but, well, I just couldn't.

All in all, thanks Moreless for a simple drink we can do to help our health. I know there is more to it than just drinking the drink, and I am doing many of the things you suggest on the website. Honestly, it feels like a slow awakening.

And thanks invincible for your help.