The Beauty Factor --by 23rd psalm--

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Since taking the Moreless Drink, usually two times per day for about two weeks, my fingernails (and toenails) are growing stronger and flexible! I've never been happy with my nails, so this is exciting. Also, had some hair shedding and strong regrowth.

The exciting thing is, I believe that my bones and other organs are probably also getting stronger & flexible -- beauty from the inside!! The best is yet to come.

Osteoporosis is epidemic. When taking someone to the hospital, I saw a young boy, perhaps 15, with a leg cast. He'd fallen down some stairs. I would think, that at his age, this would not have happened. (I fell down our stairs -- you really do go sailing -- and hit the hard ceramic tile on cement at the bottom. No breaks, just a few bruises.) So, even the young are getting weak bones.

I've been making sure that I get my calcium/magnesium/trace minerals, but did not get results. It's your combination which creates a special effect, apparently.

So glad to have your remineralizing drink, Moreless!!