Avoided Knee Replacements/Wheel Chair/other Benefits ---by Grz

Here is a Success Testimonial from a man who was facing Knee replacements or a Wheel chair for the rest of his Life.

Listed he gives the many additional Benefits he has gained by learning to Alkalize his body with all the different needed Alkaline Minerals. This he has done by learning to eat better quality in season fresh fruits and vegetables and using many of the freely shared ideas on this forum to help him Alkalize.

Grz has been kind enough to condense many of his past Success Testimonials into this one. You may review his past Success Testimonials for more details of each condition and what he did.

Here is his Success Testimonial in his own words:

I was 45 when I was told I would need bilateral knee replacement or likely end up in a wheel chair. I have avoided that for 10 years. It has not been “pain free”, however, as I have “aged”, they have gotten better, which is unheard of in most, especially in those who are “aging”, these days.

To understand this list, you must first understand that I was in such bad shape, I had to accept reality, or submit to the failure of my health, well being, and perhaps, in the long run, my life.

In terms of surgeries, and “conditions”, that I suffered through (two of the physical injuries/surgeries taking nearly a year to even “partially” rehab from to the point of being able to work again) before I came into finding a way to improve my health I had had 4 knee surgeries, a back surgery (three compressed and a herniated disk), had my left leg nearly (and I mean cut in half save for the bone) severed mid-calf in a motorcycle accident, Lipoma the size of a small grapefruit, or large orange under my arm, battery acid in my face and eyes, and several other minor accidents such as nearly severed one or more fingers several times, burns, broken bones, stitches, etc.

Do not burn like I used too, and recover faster with no pealing when I do get a little too much sun.

Great improvement in skin – I never get *rough elbows anymore, skin is tighter, reduced rosasea, little to no adult acne, etc.

Reduction in size and number of moles, including raised moles.

Aging well... I look quite a bit younger than my years.

Physical improvements

Arthritis resolution

Healthy hair, nails, skin, gums and teet – brighter colored eyes

Knee issues greatly improving

Fingernails and hair healthier, stronger, and thicker

All other joint issues resolved, i.e. popping and cracking, no fluid build up on the knees, etc.

back issues resolved
Eliminated the day to day need I had of a chiropractor as my “spine” would stay in alignement even after I dropped down to just bi-weekly, and then monthly visits.

Much better tolerance of hot and cold weather

Lost weight – about 50 pounds “without” ever counting calories” – then I started, at that point, changing my body composition... more solid muscle replacing fat.

little to no muscle twitching and greatly reduced incidence of “leg” and other muscle cramps

Better sleep patterns

Greater pain tolerance and endurance

More energy

Gained strength

Greater flexibility

Less pain

Oral health greatly improved including now only having a bit to no plaque build up on the teeth between cleanings, whiter teeth, greater strength in bite, better gum tissue health, etc.

quicker healing and recovery from physical exertions

Rarely get mosquito bites

Improvements in memory and cognitive function including the ability to better focus on task

do not overreact emotionally to events and maintain a level, rational head

I learned that what we “should” eat goes in cycles with the seasons, especially if we source top quality local foods... and, whether we cook most of our food or eat it raw also cycles with the seasons... as many cold weather crops are more beneficial when cooked a bit.

Witnessed the difference between how healthy plants and animals resist getting diseases, parasites, or attracting pests, while those that are physically unhealthy are sick all of the time and infested with pests and parasites, and seem to “rot down” very fast with no “nutritional” or drug intervention.

Other issues I resolved long ago... some of these are specifics of the above mentioned generalizations.

chronic constipation - I have normal bowel movements now
Chronic indigestion and acid reflux - all gone now
Very poor complexion
chronic brain fog
fluid retention
high blood pressure
anxiety and depression
Shortness of breath; poor aerobic/cardiovascular capacity
Had elevated liver enzymes
Skin tags
chronic athletes foot
chronic jock rot
seborrheic dermatitis
finger nail ridges
loose teeth
receding gums
chronic bad breath
chronic congestion
watery eyes
diagnosed with arthritis in back, knees, shoulders, elbows, and hands
Chronic muscle stiffness, cramping, and very limited range of motion


Edit by Moreless: I believe that anyone who tells him it couldn't work or it is all in his Brain is calling him a Liar. This is a Prime example that anyone may Improve their lot in Life if they are willing to make the needed changes in their Lifestyle. "WE" are What "WE" Eat!

Below is a Time Line and Details of Grzbear's Healing

Time Line and Details of Grzbear’s Healing
How I avoided having to live in a Wheel Chair and avoided having Knee Replacements
Here is a diary of past posts of mine providing an inside look at my struggles and Successes to avoid a Wheel Chair for the rest of my Life and or have Knee Replacements.
7/31/2006 One of the things that seem to come up on this forum quite frequently in the answers to many is that we live on the energy or the electrical "life force" if you will from the food we eat. As stated many times over in many forums, it is essential that live, good quality food is needed to achieve and maintain good health. Given this, it is also known by many (unknown by most) that processed foods and conventionally raised animal and plant foods are grossly inadequate in their ability to provide a healthful existence to humans and their pets; thus the need for the alkalizing drink, and a question or two.
We have been taught that calories in our food are where we get our "fuel". This would seem to be incorrect in part, given the above information. It would seem one could get all kinds of calories without getting any valuable energy (fuel) from the food. In fact, I believe in the case of processed foods, a calorie surplus and an energy deficit could occur.
As an example, I have naturally, greatly reduced my caloric intake over time as I have cleaned myself out and improved my diet; however have more energy and it is steady throughout the day, even if I miss a meal or two.
The energy available in the food and alkalizing drink I consume must be powerful to be able to do this in a person of my size…

Am I on the right track here?
This would seem to indicate that a calorie is not a calorie as I have argued round and round with doctors (some of them chiropractors) for years as it relates to health, energy and weight loss or gain when they say it is as simple as calories in calories out; I have never believed this and this forum as well as others on Curezone seem to confirm it.

9/3/2006 denial and a strong reluctance to BELIEVE that they have been misled and\or lied
to either intentionally or unintentionally by those in positions of TRUST
(clergy, medicine, government, authority, etc) who would make a buck on their
current desperate need for resolution to a\many major health crisis... and then
a great deal of anger when they realize this AND understand that they have been
forced into supporting a system (this happens frequently in the natural health
and supplement industry too!) designed to keep them on
treatment\medicine\supplement for profit for a lifetime to treat SYMPTOMS, not
I am constantly told I will get skin cancer because I spend 3 - 6 hours a week
in a harsh sun... I have not burnt for two summers now and bronze like I never
have before while people with pale skin who constantly slather on the sunscreen
are getting pieces of skin cut off and biopsied all around me. I have never seen
this healthy of a tan on me even when I was a kid and the few wrinkles and skin
discolorations I did have are fading quite a bit. Not bad for a 50 year old
male! I must be building an alkaline mantle... Another cause to believe this, is
that on a recent trip to the mountains I had 2 insect bites without using any
insect repellent, most others had at least 6 to dozens in spite of using the bug
spray repeatedly on their skin.

How can they make money if they "cure" you or tell you the TRUTH? The companies
that sell sun screen and bug spray do not make money on me any more :-)
Still got to work on the knees and the weight though, but I do see and feel
things getting better in that department!

9/14/2006 Thanks moreless you answered my questions; I should have known the answer... one of those Doh! slap the forehead moments. Maybe it was the 5 in the morning fog...
If we are too alkaline for an extended period of time, above 7.5, I would expect negative health implications as well... off to research.
On another note, and sort of a short testimony; for years and years I have had elbows that have popped and cracked when doing weights, bar dips and or push ups (not really painful, though at times)... in the last week or two this has cleared up almost completely with my right elbow and is greatly reduced in my left. This improvement gives me hope for my knees!
Come on knees!

9/29/2006 I have been going for spinal adjustments for over three years... two to three
times a week. The further along I get, it seems the less I require adjustment.
It amazes me...
The only reason I have any adjustments at all I think is due to the funny way I
walk due to the aching knees. But these are getting better too!
For those that have not read my history... 18 - 19 months ago I was ready for
bi-lateral knee replacements or a walker/wheel chair; YES I hurt that bad and
cried every day... no more tears :-)


11/30/2006 I figure at the rate I am going, in another year or 2 I should be ALMOST completely healed... God willing. I already feel and move better than I have in over 15 years.
I took a conditioning class Monday (given by a college sports program medical director) that left everyone from 13 to 45 so sore they could hardly move; my wife could not sit down, stand up, or walk without groaning... I am 50 and got up the next day and did my full workout no problem. My wife was in a state of shock when she saw me. There is absolutely NO WAY I could have done this even 2 - 3 months ago with my knees.
To put things in perspective for you, I was considering bi-lateral knee replacement or a wheel chair long about March 2005.
It takes time, be patient and stay the course.
My best,

1/10/2007 I could still honestly make that post today... though I have made so much
progress since then. I will most likely forget I ever said "I am still avoiding
wheel chairs and/or knee replacements"; I hardly ever think about that any more.
I could still say that I am "getting stronger every day..." because it is true.
Very rarely do my knees ache any more...
they are, only on occasion, after a
heavy work out, rugged desert mountain hiking, and/or a heavy martial art
day(s), swollen and a touch sore; nothing a little ginger, turmeric, alkalizing
bath, and some rest won't fix.
Today, no pain whatsoever and range of motion continues to improve. So much so,
I can now comfortably sit on the floor cross legged for the first time in over
15 years... now that is improvement :-)
I did have an exemption from sitting
cross legged Za Zen, or Seiza in my martial arts classes due to my
limitations... I no longer need that exemption, though I still cannot sit
Seiza... it will happen :-)
I do not always agree with you, neither do I always agree with your delivery,
however I have taken what you have shared freely, and have made it work for
me... made it my own.

I have not run into ANYTHING that has helped me move forward as consistently or
with such definitive results outside of good mental and spiritual health,
exercise and good healthy eating and resting habits as your protocol. I now feel
that I know the protocol well enough to teach it. I will forever be working on
the "practice" and refinement though as I am not perfect.
It is all about the journey though, and learning about ourselves, is it not?
Thank you

1/11/2007 I have gotten comfortable enough with the alkalizing drink to start playing with
the mix a little. I have increased the kelp from two rounded teaspoons a day to
three rounded teaspoons a day and it seems to be making a very noticeable

I have even more energy (if that is possible), have even less pain, am even more
mobile, and have, just this morning increased my exercise weight routine by a
whopping 5% just a few days (5 I believe) after increasing the kelp dose. Not
only that, I just finished a full morning of moving computer and data equipment
on two floors in a high rise and am still running on full.
At almost 51, I would have been most pleased to just maintain a weight and
aerobic work out routine, maybe even making a backward concession here and there
as time went on. I am ecstatic and walking on air right now, that I am seeing
not only results in physical progress, but physical appearance as well. The wife
stated my arms are getting huge and my waist smaller; those comments do a
husband good...

I thought these days were long gone. I am literally running circles around
people half my age. I cannot even believe where I was health wise just two years

6/5/2007 I was just thinking this morning about this topic. When discussing a plants natural ability to repel harmful pests and attract helpful ones when healthy, it started to make sense to me that if people were healthy, the same would apply. Am I off base with that thought?
I do not think so. I have stated on many more than one occasion that I believe we are meant to live WITH all the bacteria and viri in the world without fear of it. If we are healthy, as healthy as we can be, we will most likely not get sick; baring any manmade unpredictable pathogen.
My interesting observations over last summer and this spring/summer so far...
I used to get bit by mosquitoes’ so badly… it put me in the ER once where the ER docs struggled to keep my heart rate up high enough to keep me alive.
Needless to say, after that episode, I used to cover myself in clothing and repellent when I was going into mosquito territory…
I do not need to do that any more…

Last year on one particular outing I received a few bites total around my ankles and a wrist; I used no bug repellant at all… every one else was covered head to toe in bug repellant and still had many more bites than I.
This year I noticed the following…
I use Dr. Bronner's soap only and then only on my feet, hands, underarms, butt and genitals.
These are the ONLY places I have ever had a mosquito bite or fly land on me when in shorts and sandals, or when sunning buff.
If I sun after an alkalizing bath and do not rinse off and then go lay in the sun... absolutely no bug problems, until the sweat starts dripping off of me and then again it is primarily the same areas, which are also big lymph drainage sites. This indicates to me that my lymph system still needs some alkalizing work..

6/14/2007 I have been thinking some about this... When I would take a STRONG alkalizing bath AND not rinse off afterwards in cold water (self experiment), I used to get a few days of a mild jock rot flare up... I am thinking the bath and strong alkaline pull in the skin, brings this acidic condition to the surface and neutralizes it.
I wonder if the internal reaction you were experiencing is something similar to this.
If I rinsed off in cold water afterwards, I did not seem to have the problem.
The baths have really improved the condition of my skin. I never did have a problem with wrinkles, however my skin used to be dry. It is now getting very supple yet strong... do not know exactly how to describe it. Of course the Alkalizing drinks and everything else I do have had something to do with that too I am sure. However the baths make a difference almost immediately.

The reason I have come to this conclusion is that I have changed my skin, nails, and hair condition, muscle strength and definition, I have deeper blue colored eyes etc. and I have healed all kinds of ails through the mineralization process... in only little over 2 years. Do I look different?
No, it has not changed my primary features, albiet they are all lighter in weight to the tune of 50+ pounds, however everyone, even people I have known for a long time, makes comments on how much better I look and I believe my aura must project as I attract people to me who comment on my energy.

6/22/2007 Minerals for the genetic Code by Charles Walters I have had my book about 4 months and it is literally falling apart already... I am referencing it all the time, especially when some one suggests this or that mineral, iodine, or they state this or that is a poison.
What it has done for me more than anything else, is eliminate my fear of our "polluted" future. Understanding mineral activity in the body both as
antagonists and protagonists in addition to their chelating actions gives one all the information they need to maintain health.
Keep in mind that we are all different. Minerals and the ratios required will vary some from one individual to another. This has more to do with your ancestors and the adaptations that they have made over many generations to their environment (available mineral intake) than anything else.
Look at variations/variability in animals of same species and humans that are born and raised in a given environment for generations on end... physical features, skin color, etc. etc. this has more to do with diet and the available minerals and activity primarily indoors, outdoors, naked (warm environments) or clothed (cold environments) than anything else.
"genetic" variation is a fact, but what we are being told is not the whole truth IMO, either due to their lack of understanding or designed purpose; read $$$$.
The reason I have come to this conclusion is that I have changed my skin, nails, and hair condition, muscle strength and definition, I have deeper blue colored eyes etc. and I have healed all kinds of ails through the mineralization process... in only little over 2 years. Do I look different? No, it has not changed my primary features, albiet they are all lighter in weight to the tune of 50+ pounds, however everyone, even people I have known for a long time, makes comments on how much better I look and I believe my aura must project as I attract people to me who comment on my energy.
I believe I must be correcting, and quite possibly I am manipulating the DNA replication in my cells.
People comment on my great skin, hair, eyes, sense of calm and peace. I am known at work for never getting riled or upset, even in cases of departmental chaos and panic... oh, and I have not been sick in over 2 years... this in spite of working in an office as a computer and network technician for over 2,000 employees and having to work with all kinds of sick people and their terminals after they eat, drink, sneeze, hack and cough all over them, and me.
Am I onto something? Speculation on my part, but I think a strong case is being presented here.
Outside of some who rarely post, I am most likely the most vocal, longest alkalizing drink (ML protocol) practitioner on these boards. I hope others are listening.

6/30/2007 IMO, with a slightly alkaline mantle, the skin would better react to the sun
light as was intended to reap the greatest benefit. I do know that I do not burn
like I used to and can turn darker before others eyes as I stay in the sun over
the course of the day...

Additionally, I think that an alkaline skin mantle would most likely create
immunity to things like sun burn (unless one over did it, but in this case one
would most likely seek shade before that happened) and skin cancer. I have also
observed that slowly, over time (I only do one or two a week) the alkaline baths
along with everything else seems to help in the reduction of size and number of

7/4/2007 I also went all winter last year with nothing heavier than a light wind breaker
over a shirt; even wore sandals all winter... and it did snow once :-) rare
here, but mentioned to show that it can get into the high teens or 20s at night
in my neck of the woods.
Thank you for your reply.

7/4/2007 It has been 115 degrees (hit 120 briefly at the house today) or above for the
high over the last several days in a row. I am able to tolerate this much better
than I ever could. In fact, it is not bothering me much at all this year,
however, when I am outside I sweat like crazy looking like I went swimming with
my clothing on when I come inside... leaving puddles on the floor for a good 15
- 30 minutes after I come inside.
I am sure this must have an effect on my mineral levels; sweating so much...
loosing minerals in the process. I do not feel worse off though. In fact, after
I stop seating I feel somewhat energized.
I am thinking I must have some pretty strong mineral reserves at this point.

7/28/2007 aak - In your experiences and experimenting with the moreless drink did you ever have issues with muscle twinges and cramps???????????
I used to get them all the time, painful Charlie horse in my left leg. My left leg was nearly severed in half below the knee when I was 13 and I am sure that has something to do with it. Nearly 25+ years after the accident and surgery, the scar/would oozed nasty green puss for over 6 months. The doctor said he had seen nothing like it but "thought" it was the disolved internal stitching (over 1500 internal if I remember right) crap oozing out.
Rarely do I get them any more, and then very mild. I can only remember 2 since starting the ML drink.
Have not made any associations yet or figured out a change. If it happens again, I will try to remember to pay closer attention to them and what to do.
aak - If so, what did you do and what were the results???
aak - How or what can I do to become more aware and learn how to read my body and my health?
I am still learning too. Do the best you can at paying attention to, and communicating with your primary elimination organs/channels first. The entire digestion/elimination system from mouth to anus, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymph. As you become more aware, you will more deeply communicate. For example, subtle changes in energy levels and such. When I feel like the energy levels are running down, especially at work where I am inside most of the day, I am starting to recognize it is not necessarily food or water I need, but sun shine and I go outside for 15 - 20 minutes if I can.
Everyone else in the office has the "candy" dish that they reach for.
I can also tell intuitively when it is mineral bath time. If I do not take one, I feel a little out of sorts the next day and need to get out in the sun more.
Here are some links for you...
The second link recommends vinegar in the bath. If you are not using vinegar, give it a try.
I found some of these interesting... perhaps an Epsom Salt Bath with Vinegar
combined will help quite a bit. Let us know.

8/3/2007 For more than 2 years, the family, including extended family having watched me grow older, but at the same time losing weight, gaining muscle mass (my son was showing off my arms last night (19+ inches circumference), looking younger, growing stronger, healthier and more active, have ALL been consulting me for "tips".
I am happy to say that the kids and wife are not only choosing better foods for themselves on their own, they are requesting and eating organic local grown foods. Almost everyone is now doing the baths AND my daughter started the alkalizing drink this morning.
Will keep tabs on her progress and report what she reports to me from time to time.
NO PRESSURE FROM ME... this is just from them being witness to the changes in ME. Fighting through all the opposition and being the primary brunt of jokes now seems to be paying off.
The mother-in-law questioned me for several hours last night and is going to try some of the suggestions.
BTW... buying a side of grass fed beef this fall from a ranch less than 2 hours away. $3.50 a pound pre-butchered weight, but we get the bones :-). Also heard from a friend that just bought a huge working cattle ranch about 4 hours away... going to have to make time for a trip and a friendly visit. Getting mom's huge garden ready for fall plantings here soon.
gotta love it.

8/15/2007 This past week, I was back in the hills. The mosquitoes were out in force, thicker and more aggressive than last year... in fact MOST EVERYONE was covered in replant except for me... Some still got bit. Some so bad, they were dosing topical and oral benadryl :-O
I did not get one bite; not one the whole week! The mosquitoes even landed on me many times, I would just watch them; they just took off without ever biting. I was even dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals most of the time.
Never was wittiness to this before... my wife stated it was probably what I was eating... and more importantly, what I do not eat.

8/25/2007 In your case, I would suspect so, along with relegating the calcium back to its
tissue and nervous system uses as well... however, the efficiency with which
this occurs will depend on a great many other factors such as vitamin D levels,
essential fats, trace minerals, etc. and your body's ability to use what it can
Your bone spur testimony is awesome and a direct confirmation of these posts. My
arthritis resolving in total along with my healing previous injuries is also
testimony to this.

8/29/2007 Yesterday I was setting up a contractor in our office with their IT needs. At
51, my job requires me to do quite a bit of heavy lifting, crawling on the
floor, working in network closets doing body contortions etc....
While I was setting up the contractor I asked her about her kids and she stated
my "babies are 5 and 3... then she asked me about mine... I told her my baby was
19 and she said you do not look old enough to have a 19 year old you must have
had your child young; then I told her my oldest is 30... should have seen the
look on her face; talk about drop jaw.

Then she stated, "I only thought Asians aged that well". What ever that meant...
Told ya... I feel good, you should too! :-)
Have the best day ever!

9/9/2007 Yesterday I got up, did my normal work out and then went out to take and teach
Krav Maga for 3 hours. I was the target dummy for most everyone else... in full
pads of course.
In the last 20 minutes of the last class, I tore my calf muscle. Anyone who has
ever done this knows how painful it can be. I have been laughing and joking some
about the event as I should have known better than to over extend myself
physically for so long without rest and or a good stretch.
I am fortunate that we had a top notch sports injury doctor (this guy knows his
stuff like nobody's business) in the observation room and consulted. Of course I
got the the usual talk of using OTC this for pain and that for inflammation
recommendations. I also was told I would have a huge bruise on the calf from
knee to ankle.
I stayed off of it as much as I could and iced nearly all day yesterday
afternoon. I am up and walking around today, gingerly, but walking around and no
bruise has appeared yet and it does not look like one will.
I was told 3-5 days
before I should be putting weight on it and 7 to 10 before I should ease into
exercises again with an emphasis on stretching it to begin with. I will most
likely continue my non-leg involved exercises through this recovery.
Perhaps I have dogged a more severe bullet due to my lifestyle and eating
Is there anything else I can do to speed healing?
And then a mineral bath... any other suggestions? Update:I am doing very well.
Never did get any bruising.
Edit: No Bruising is one of the Benefits of
Alkalizing and having enough Reserves of Alkaline Minerals in our body! End of
With the exception of a twinge or "gotcha" moment due to moving faster than I
should, or an awkward movement it does not hurt when I walk.
I considered doing a very low key, brief workout on my mini trampoline, but
thought I had better not and stuck to weights and body resistance exercises

10/9/2007 Most know I have a very clean diet and actively search for and obtain the very best food I can. Most know I have also been taking the alkalizing drink for approximately 1.5 years... and have gotten very good in understanding how to tweak the ingredient ratios for my needs.
I am still making excellent forward progress even though I have dramatically reduced my drink consumption. I started with as much as three drinks a day, 7 days a week, sipping them over the course of the day. I am now doing 1 drink a day, 4 - 5 days a week, still sipping through the day.
For someone who had bone on bone knees three years ago (after 4 knee surgeries) and faced a wheel chair or bi-lateral knee replacements, the following is huge; this does not account for the back surgery or almost losing my leg in a motorcycle accident when is was nearly severed in half; those two incidents are miraculously non-issues anymore. My right knee is entirely stable and normal... my left better than even a few months ago...
I had a goal this spring to be able to jog this fall for the first time in quite a while... how long? I cannot remember. It may be little more than a 1/4 mile jaunt, however I am going to give it a go before the month is out and report back.

2/22/2008 It was not me with the MS... that was refreshed. This March is three years since
I got angry at my doctor and sought my own answers... I am a world of difference
better for it too. If you followed my older post you would know that I had;
chronic constipation - I have normal bowel movements now
Chronic indigestion and acid reflux - all gone now
Very poor completion - no issues now
chronic brain fog - no issues now - even with less than 5 hours of sleep (I like
to get between 7 and 8 if I can)
fluid retention - gone now
high blood pressure - gone now
anxiety and depression (literally had a disabling break down in 1998) - gone now
Shortness of breath; poor aerobic/cardiovascular capacity - gone now
Had elevated liver enzymes - gone now
Skin tags every where - gone now
chronic athletes foot - gone now
chronic jock rot - gone now
seborrheic dermatitis - gone now
eczema - gone now
finger nail ridges - gone now
gingivitis - gone now
loose teeth - solid now and straighting out!
receding gums - grew back
chronic bad breath - gone now
chronic congestion - gone now
watery eyes - gone now...
diagnosed with arthritis in back, knees, shoulders, elbows, and hands - all gone
Chronic muscle stiffness, cramping, and very limited range of motion - gone now
You would also know that I have had two knee surgeries on each knee, a back
surgery, nearly lost a few fingers at one time or another in occupational
accidents, and nearly lost my left leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident.

The only thing that nags me today is my left knee, which has greatly improved
range of motion and rarely aches anymore unless it is both damp and cold at the
same time; Occasionally my right knee will complain if I push the envelope with
a very active day... but it did that after a hard day as a kid too :-)
I was told 7 years ago to accept and have knee replacements. I was literally sat
down and ganged up on to have them by my families (both sides) and friends
because I could hardly walk and almost needed help getting into, and up out of a
chair. I could only walk up stairs one at a time and at one time, would silently
cry in pain when I had to navigate them.
I refused the replacements, and am glad I did now... Both knees are working
almost good as new. The left only had about 10% cartilage and the right 20%
cartilage, with both being bone on bone so bad there was (may still be) scar
tissue (internal bleeding from rubbing on each other) build up on both the ends
of the femur and tibia on both legs. I have considered going back to my knee
surgeon just for kicks to see the look on his face when I "ran" and jumped in

The nagging issue today is nearly all range of motion which I try to force due
to my level of physical activity now... and range of motion continues to
improve... even my doctor friends are impressed. Two of these doctor friend
families are now eating organic and the majority of their food raw... guess why?
I am sure they are better nutritional consultants to their patients as well.
There is a lot more... but you can go back and read my old posts if you wish.
I do still have a ways to go till "youthful" knees return, but the rest of me is
there baby! :-)
I can do 100 push ups, 600 sit ups and rebound till the cows come home... not to
mention take and teach martial arts again, hike and hang with the youngest
(sometimes carrying them) and best of them at 52.

I figured 4 - 5 years to my max recovery... I am three years in and now believe
in hindsight that goal was realistic. I hope it happens this year... and it
might the way things are going. My knees have progressed a great deal in just
the past few months; but then small gains in my knees are noticed by me... and
others too.
I wish that those people hoping and vying for a quick "fix" within a day/week or
two would see that those unrealistic desires, after years of party and health
neglect is very unreasonable; I would hope that they would see the value in
perseverance and patience.
I am no fool. I know damn well that if I go back to my old dietary ways, I will
regress. Heck, one less than ideal meal now and I feel the difference... I do
not punish myself for falling off the wagon... I usually have fun doing it :-),
but I get back on track with a cleansing meal, or even a liquid fast for 24
hours, next time up to the plate :-)

People want something that will "work" and allow them to eat and live the way
they always have... you cannot have your cake and eat it too, without paying the
price. If you are willing to pay the price, have at it... I am not.
Is what I am doing through eating the best I can, the alkalizing protocol, and
pushing physical activity a "cure" for me... sure it is. If I stop doing it will
I regress? Most likely. I WILL pay the price in consequences for my folly; I
know too well what those consequences are and refuse to accept it... the price
is too high. Been there, done that.
Health and well being is a lifelong pursuit; I am in the hunt.


3/28/2008 Most people do not understand and/or comprehend a great many things when it comes to health and well being...
First, they do not understand that the lifestyles and diet of their ancestors, both living and dead, have a profound influence on their predispositions for health or not.
Second, they do not understand that the way they were fed, raised, (habits developed) and taught also has a profound effect.
Third, they do not understand that their choices, all of them, have a direct impact on their well being, either good, or bad... in some ways a bad food could be good under one circumstance and bad under another...
For instance the joyous, grateful, appreciative indulgence in a meal including a luscious desert among friends and family will have a beneficial effect while the same meal eaten with overwhelming feelings of guilt and regret will have a negative impact.
Fourth, most people with degenerative illnesses, aches, and pains, along with a reduced defense against disease (no matter what age) fail to realize that the issue is about all of the above PLUS, their personal choices in everyday life, including diet, occupational choice, etc.
Fifth, the mistake is all too often made, if/when one becomes aware that change needs to take place, that the expected change/improvement to an effort or method is to occur in days, weeks, or months, when undoing countless years of damage, perhaps inherited predispositions can in reality take years... and years. When they do not get expected results "fast enough", they move on in disappointment, perhaps leaving behind a beneficial practice, and end up chasing their tails.
Sixth, once they understand it may take, weeks, months, years, most lack the discipline, and or become discouraged and/or are unwilling to give up their "bad habits" that got them there in the first place...
Seventh, many are unwilling to give up their social bonds/ties which can and do chain them to bad habits through peer pressures.
It takes resolve, patience and perseverance to continue the effort for as long as it takes...
It also requires stepping out of a comfort zone and in some cases becoming a lone wolf...
I am like that in my family. I am a health consultant to a point, but am told "I do not want to know" when I say something that would really help, but that they are not ready for.
There are more reasons, such as believing things that are not, however this is enough food for thought.
BTW - dad told me yesterday that he is very pleased with my health and well being having avoided knee replacements, among other things... he was one of my biggest and most persistent antagonists when I refused to get the artificial knees... he even came over one day when I was having a terrible time walking to take me to the doctor so that I could schedule the surgery... That was a fight :-)
I am jogging/walking 4.2 miles next month for a local charity event... on the knees I was born with :-)

next year? I may jog the whole thing.

8/7/2008 I have taken and passed a test for my 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Our
school is non-traditional in some respects as we incorporate weapons defense,
grappling (Brazilian Jujitsu), and Krav Maga.
The test went from 8 A.M. till 6:30 P.M. including comprehensive physical
testing and oral questioning.
Before I had started my "health" journey, I was certain I would never rank
advance any further... now I am looking forward to, and am enthusiastic about my
ability to continue advancing.
I had a cleaning at the dentist... oral tissue, including gum and teeth continue
to improve greatly... measurably. I had a great number of 1s when pocket depth
was measured, 3 is "normal"; did not have any 1s last time that I can
remember... perhaps 1.
The tech said it was fantastic to see that kind of improvement in anyone, let
alone someone of my age.

I encourage everyone to never give up... even IF you have ameliorated or "cured"
your ails. DO NOT go back to your old ways, or you will meet up with your old
ails once again.
My best,

11/18/2008 There are lots of other posts by others, including myself on CZ that illustrate
the use of lime water and other strong alkaline solutions in food preparations,
medicines, and as a disinfectant throughout human history...
Nixtamalization is but one...
The use of nixtamalization goes back to the Inca and Aztec in ancient South
America. Not using the nitamalization process with corn, when used as a primary
grain, leads to pellegra...
In other uses, lime water was extensively used for centuries, perhaps thousands
of years for wound dressings... in the ancient far east and middle east combined
with turmeric... in the medieval ages, bandages were soaked in lime water, when
they had it, to greatly reduce the risk of the wound becoming infected; it also
sped up the healing of the wounds. This was learned from the Monks... it was\is
used in dentistry... check out medical patents.
Then there are the alkalizing mineral baths. Lime water (white wash) was also
used to wash down hospitals, houses, barns, fences, etc. etc. to kill germs and
make them impervious to germs... lime water was one of the first solutions used
in hospitals to wash hands and forearms with between patients, specifically to
eliminate the spread of disease... then came chlorinated lime water... long
before soap was introduced.
A couple other uses in South America were for the teeth and breath, where
Lime-water with a little Peruvian bark was occasionally used for those who had
defective teeth, and\or chronic bad breath, and for warts which were wet and
rubbed two or three times a day with a piece of unslaked lime; leaves no scar.
Some very excellent supplement companies use it in some of their formulations
with matching complimentary acids...
I have used it to prepare corn with the nixtamalization; and have to tell you it
can make a very sweet, easily digestible, and more nutritive food out of it.
The various uses of kelp and other seaweed in diet is as old as man. Medicine
and nutrition both... nearly every beneficial use for SSKI, Lugol's, and
iodoral, iodine found in the iodine forums can be searched and found attributed
to kelp... and then some; check out kelp extracts and patent formulations by
pharmaceutical companies... the lists will surprise and might even shock you.
Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years in soil conservation and human
health and nutrition.
Putting the five ingredients together in a drink is more recent, but the mix and
use makes total sense; carbon bonding minerals with plant sugars from the BSM
and lemon or ACV in order to create a bio-available synergistic mineral
supplement drink for pennies a day.
Even Ted's ( BS and ACV drink illustrates the chemical
reactions between an acid and a alkaline and the chemical changes in properties
that take place... people choose to believe one thing or the other... make your
own choice.
The use of molasses\honey\sorghum\syrup along with vinegar or lemon juice (can
be used by itself if you want) goes back to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonia and was and used by ancient to modern man planet wide. Basic stuff... and readily available information if you are willing to research older posts and books, including medical and 100+ year old holistic\naturapathic journals. Research all the ingredients uses in medicine, including folk medicine... look up patent medicines etc. etc. Be motivated to do some reading and research... do not rely on others. BSM, ACV, Kelp, Lemon, etc, all have strong histories in folk medicine and nutrition.
An article on calcium use in cultures, longevity etc. a google search on "milk of the mountains" US%3Aofficial&hs=1VF&q=%22milk+of+the+mountains%22&btnG=Search The whole google search nixtamalization... US:official&hs=6cu&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=nixtamalization&spell=1 May have to copy and paste that one.
Here is the drink...
Switchel or honey/molasses (sorghum or BSM)/maple syrup and vinegar or lemons have been used as a health tonic tonic since written history. If I am not mistaken Hippocrates among others recommended it... and similar tonics were common in ancient Egypt and Babylonia.
I have been doing this drink for 3 years; my friends, many of them doctors have requested that I give classes on this stuff after being wittiness to my continued near miraculous improvements. I have internationally known doctors who are backing my "health talks" and qualified background to give them, several stating already that in less than 10 minutes I have taught them more than they knew. I was expected to be in a wheel chair or have bi-lateral knee replacements by now... I took 2 hikes over the last two days and spent 3 hours doing martial Arts; with one of those medical professionals who saw me at my lowest point of physical health... they have seen the results first hand... this, being witness to this kind of improvement in an individual (and in others I have so far counseled), is very compelling evidence to the efficacy of the methods.
I encourage you to search for and read, my testimonial posts... you will see what was wrong with me and how far I have come... I have only a few complaints now and then, and then, an adjustment can usually handle the issue(s) in little, to no time.
Believe whom you wish, and do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. I can tell you right now... this protocol, the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, are not for people who want strong viable, noticeable results within hours, days, or weeks, perhaps months depending on their condition... this protocol, along with the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle are for those that want to make a definitive, lasting, lifetime improvement on their quality of life, and for those that wish to quit wasting money on needless supplements, while continuously second guessing themselves and their protocols on a daily basis.
If I feel a little off one way or the other, it is easy for me to make immediate adjustments in the drink, my diet, amount of sleep, and lifestyle to compensate... as seasons change, I make adjustments in the drink, baths, etc... more kelp in the winter... less in the summer etc. etc.
Read, study, find your own way... become a teacher and leader, not one who runs around asking others for disagreement or debate of any particular protocol or action from another post that they have read somewhere, by somebody.
That said, one could go to the added expense of choosing to make their own green foods drinks, growing and raising, then eating their own high quality foods (this takes hard work and practice), and accomplish a similar, or even identical goal, dependent upon commitment (in both cases) but this may be impractical for many without the land availability, and extremely taxing on those with little income or money.

2/14/2009 At 45, I was told I would need to have bi-lateral knee replacements... I was at a point of accepting that "diagnosis", a wheelchair, or doing something about it.
I had 10% L and 25% R remaining cartilage AND a diagnosis of arthritis in my knees back and hands.
I also had 24/7 fluid on both knees; at times, it prevented me from getting into and out of a chair without assistance, let alone the pain of walking... or even going up or down a single step.

I chose to do something about it and began radical dietary changes as my understanding of nutrition changed from the commercial and medical juggernaut, to the truth...
While my left knee is still healing, it has come a LONG way in terms of strength, range of motion and comfort. My right knee is as good as I could have ever dreamed... neither hurts unless I over do it and I would not dream of having the replacements now.
This is where I call home
It is the foundation of what I do...

2/16/2009 Since I have collected recent improvements in one post...
Note: a few of these improvements have been expressed in past posts, however
continue to amaze me with the forward progress... in other words, just when I
thought is could not get any better :-)
1. I require less sleep to feel rested... I jump right out of bed now at 5,
instantly awake and alert.
Where I used to go to bed at 7:30 - 8:00 and get up at 4:30, I am now going to
bed at 9ish and getting up at 5 most nights... however an occasional night of
10, or even as late as 1, has little effect on me IF, I am careful to eat and
drink right the next day, and continue to until I can get back into the 9 - 5
2. hair and nails growing faster and MUCH stronger... Have also noticed that I
have not gotten much grayer in the past few years... most people guess me to be
at least 10 years younger than I am. All my friends are nearly completely gray,
while they enviously tease me about my "blond" highlights.
3. continued improvement in being able to think fast on my feet and make
difficult decisions quickly...
4. Memory has improved markedly... in fact, my wife is asking me about things
now, because I remember.
5. pain tolerance has improved noticeably - again... had a very large wood
splinter dug out of my hand today... and here I am typing... no problem... no
stitches... and it is healing right up, over hours, not days. Cold showers do
not bother me at all... in fact I enjoy them a great deal.
6. NO plaque or tartar build up on teeth at all this time at the dentist... in
fact, the hygienist and dentist said my entire oral health looked excellent and
to keep up what I have been doing. Gum tissue has regrown into areas it had been
receding from... just a bit more in the front and I will be good as new there...
teeth a natural, effortless bone white all of the time that feel clean whether I
brush or not; I feel that they are now working from the inside out like they
should be as living tissue.
The dentist was reluctant to let me go on a 6 month maintenance program as I was
on a 4 month program, and before that, every 3 months the build up would be so
bad... now, none/nada.
Another visit or two like that and I will wonder about my need to go at all,
unless there is an emergency need.
7. Right knee, as I reported earlier this month is as good as new... left is
still healing right along well.
8. I am continually improving in strength and flexibility... this amazes me as I
thought I was past my prime... at least that is what I had been told... ha!
9. More alert throughout the day... I feel the highs and lows/ebbs and flows of
the world, however I am not tired or sleepy at all anymore at any time during
the day.
10. I picked clean and trimmed, 2 lemon trees, two orange trees and a grapefruit
tree this week, installed a few security lights around the house, worked for my
parents, helped replace a bumper on a car among other things... in addition to
my normal routine of briskly walking three miles a day, martial arts 3 times a
week, and my work, and never had one ounce of stiffness/soreness... none. This
type of increase in physical activity a few years ago, especially a tree or two,
would have put me into rehabilitation mode for several weeks.
11. This is the big one IMO, as it opened my eyes as to what may really be happening within me... when I started on this health journey, even before the ML protocol, I weighed, most likely over 280 as I was 280 was the last time I had gotten on scale... I was scared due to high fasting blood sugar, and blood pressure, in addition to the weight gain. I still blame the weight gain... 60 pounds in less than 3 months or so, on the pharmaceutical medicines the doctor had me on... you may have read that one blew me up like a balloon in just a week and nearly put me into the ER.
Note: my intention was to ALWAYS put health first... NOT weight loss as I am very aware that we are ALL different and built different for many different reasons.
Regardless, the last 2.5 years have been a bit frustrating as in the first 9 months or so, and about 3 months or so into the ML protocol, I had lost a total of 40 pounds and stayed there... However, I have kept it off WITHOUT dieting per say. I eat when I am hungry and pretty much what I want of the highest quality foods I can find... including dairy, meat, cooked or whatever... I do not believe ina totally raw or vegan diet for myself... my ancestry includes lots of dairy and meat farmers. Though I do tend to naturally eat more raw and vegan over the summers than through the winters.
The weight appears to be coming off now with NO real changes to anything and it is entirely welcome, if unintentional... a noticeable (by many others and the fit of my clothing) 5 to 10 pounds (I do not do scales) in the last three weeks and still coming off.
I could easily stand to lose another 20 pounds and perhaps 30 (10 - 20 more than the 60 put on way back when by those awful pharmaceutical drugs that most likely whacked out my metabolism in short order, among other things)... however I am in no rush and am not even trying at all.
This is what is happening IMO... my metabolism is healing/changing for the better as evidenced by the other improvements I have noted here, especially in terms of rest/sleep/fatigue.
If I only lose what I have lost so far and plateau again... so be it, I am VERY healthy and happy. Quality of life and my health is much more important to me than weight.
12. this one is curious... I seem to be a bit taller... I should probably get measured, though I won't, at least not officially by a Dr.
I tend to wonder if it is the rebuilding of cartilage, etc. throughout my body (remember the fingernails and hair improvements?), perhaps the repairing of disks in the spine (I had surgery for 3 herniated and compressed disks in the 80's), perhaps, connected to the metabolism improvement noted above, along with better posture and attitude; most likely it is all of the above.
ML, have you ever heard of even a slight increased height related response before in an other wise full grown "middle aged" adult with the attention to a high quality diet as I have given?


4/10/2009 refreshed, you know my story. There is no doubt in my mind, that if I had listened to family, friends and several doctors, that I would be with artificial knees and/or in a wheel chair by now without this protocol, which, focuses on growing, and\or finding and consuming the best quality foods, herbs, and spices available along with establishing the ability to think clearly, discerning truth from fiction (whether it is "accepted" truth or not), and positively.
cannot go wrong with that... the drink has always been a huge point of contention with many... too bad, their loss. Most do not have a problem with the switchel though... and this is a foundational part of the drink.
I used to wear 2 knee braces, one titanium to keep my knee from dislocating, and now, I MAY, on the rare occasion (if I have a bad "left" knee day) only wrap my left knee for the occasional martial arts free sparing for the extra warmth and the peace of mind it provides me.
The braces have been gathering dust for at least 3 years now.

That something so very cheap, and quite frankly, in your face "obvious", can provide such a healing benefit is unfathomable to most in our world of "you get what you pay for" mentality.
I am heading into year 5.
My health continues to get better and better... not only that, I am getting stronger and more flexible as time goes on with less exercise...
At 53, when most are sliding downhill rather quickly these days, I feel as if I am working towards regaining the prime of my youth... rolling back time... I may never get to "20", however the "work" is worth it.
Those understanding and using the "protocol", know that their need for the adjuncts, like the baths and drink, vary from day to day, week to week, month to month based upon the quality of foods consumed, mental, and spiritual health, environment, and the natural cycles of the heavens and seasons... this awareness, listening to "body/mind/spirit, which is slowly (re)learned over time, enables one to make conscious adjustments on the fly as needed.

4/19/2009 Forget the nitpicking details and micromanaged "science"... good nutrition, and
avoidance of man made chemical toxins of all kinds, is the path to health and
NOTE: the greater your toxic load/exposure, the greater your need for ongoing,
good nutrition.

Additional NOTE: each "science" is a separate part of a complex, integrated,
multi-dimensional, "whole". If one is throwing a "specific" science at you, so
what... it is only a very small part of the whole, and then, just a small part
of the actions and interactions illustrated by the poster.
This individual hasn't the slightest clue about how it all works together...
they don't get it because they think in micromanaged "science" absolutes, which
is "junk" science and hogwash as negates relationships to the whole.
This "belief" and "practice" separates them from being a part of something
greater... "they" will probably attack that statement too... because they have
NEVER experienced it for themselves due to their delusional "man-made" thought.
Individual need...
Using our God given common sense, we would all OBVIOUSLY have VERY DIFFERENT
nutritional needs based upon "genetics", environment, occupational exposure,
diet, etc.

What you would find more "beneficial" for yourself would depend on your
individual needs.
NOTE: I use the term genetics here to refer to, and illustrate the effect of our
parents toxic "load" or exposures and nutritional "deficiencies" which we are
then conceived, gestated and then BORN with due to our parents "lifetime"
"choices", before conception, during gestation, and then post birth, during
nursing - or choice of "formula", and then, our parents choices on how they
choose to feed us until such time as we can discern things and make our own
If one were to "believe" religious texts and sources... it would take about 7
generations to turn a genetic "switch" off completely.
If this is true... we have several generations of back peddling to do in order
to fix many of humanities health ails. So teach your children that the quality
of their food MATTERS, so that they, and then their children become ever
stronger, and perhaps more importantly, they will understand their place within
the whole.
Of course ingrained, "learned/taught" dietary habits can be extremely difficult
to overcome.
Ever see parents feeding toddlers kool-aid and cheetos or other similar non-food
Do you think this will change their child's genetics and genetic switches over
time? Perhaps degrading their quality of life, mental and spiritual health? Of
course it will!
When we become aware of this lifestyle and dietary influence, it then becomes
our "choice" to get well or continue to suffer.
What happens when you improve your diet and lifestyle?
Your body responds with genetic changes that improve circulation, elimination,
strength, flexibility, skin, hair and nail conditions, oral health, etc.
Caveat... if you choose to do this through some fancy exercise or "diet" not
realizing that "quality", not "quantity" counts first and foremost, your results
may be less than desired (ever know someone who could not lose weight no matter
what? They fight against generations of failure to understand this) short lived
when you discontinue the "practice" or back off... because you have missed the
"quality" point/need.
Ever do a calorie restricted diet and feel like you were starving? You were...
your nutritional needs were not being met by the "junk" foods you were eating...
this includes most commercially available foods.
I eat less than a third of what I once did since focusing on "nutritional" food
AND, I eat all the fat, and sugars I want, not caring, or even thinking
about "calories" EVER.
Did you know that there are records of tribal cultures who knew this? Did you
know that a "parent" in these tribal cultures would reinforce their diets for at
least 6 months before conception and then, the female would continue dietary
reenforcement throughout pregnancy and nursing?
Did you know these same people knew, that some foods were better for men, and
others better for women? Did you know that as the child grew, these people knew,
that the child had specific nutritional needs as well?
Did you know that organ meats and "fats" were an extremely important, in fact
essential part of these diets?
You see, good nutrition is, and should be intuitive/instinctual... it is not any
more. Why?
Do not let some "study" or micro-science "finding" turn you in circles. This is
foolish... you will NEVER get to where you want to be.
In large part because of all the "fake" signals being sent to you through artificial foods, chemicals on, in the food and environment, etc. In addition to the "scrambling" of these signals, AND your metabolisms by environmental toxins along with these "junk" foods. Which, BTW, can be neutralized or ameliorated by high quality needed nutrition.
People who have embraced this protocol, that includes as its foundation the use of high quality foods, using a refractometer or not, know that this is true - it is just common sense. Did you know that IF, you had spent as long as I have on this that YOUR body would tell you when it needs something?
Isn't this the whole idea behind conscious eating?
Some, recognize that the quality of our herbs, spices and foods matter.
That is WHY, so many are appalled by the use of things like agricultural and food processing techniques and chemicals, pasteurization, homogenization, irradiation, GMO's, the nitrogen ripening of produce, etc.
Look for, and watch, "Your Genes are not Your Fate" on Ted TV by Dr. Dean Ornish.
Do searches for each of the "subject" terms on this post.
These "terms" are often addressed together.Search for things like telomere length and nutrition... did you know it was thought not too long ago (they were still thinking this way in the 90's) that as telomere length shortened, we aged; or, more correctly vise versa? Did you know
that today, there is very strong supporting, and compelling scientific "evidence" that excellent nutritional intake is associated with "lengthening"
teleomeres at any age?
Of all things, my quality of life has improved to the point that I revel in every moment, when not too long ago I was hoping I would just get sick and die it hurt so bad.
Do you think that perhaps... I have improved my genetics, changed genetic switches, and perhaps lengthened my telomeres?
Of course I have. It is obvious to those that know me.
Did you know that my eyes will change different shades from a sky gray through many shades of blue based upon the day, my mood, activity, etc. Why is that? Do I need "proof"?
No... how I feel, and my near, miraculous improvement in health is all the proof I need.
I use the term "near miraculous", because it was not a "miracle" to me... It was, and remains VERY HARD work that requires discipline in the face of inescapable social pressures and strong opposition to these ideas. Not to mention the economic and time investment.
In part, I look at it as an investment in my future quality of life... I can eat and behave like most people, suffer, get sick and give all my hard earned
savings to pharm/medico, or I can use my resources now for myself and family to ensure that I never give them a dime.
We had a 3 hour martial arts class yesterday... with combination kick relays... I was the oldest participant and not only successfully completed the relays, but also came in 2nd on two occasions. This, from a guy who was considering a wheel chair or bi-lateral knee replacements just a little over 4 years ago... a guy who would literally cry when faced with negotiating steps, up or down... a miracle? No, it has been extremely hard, disciplined work over the last 4 years, and continues to be.
Need another example? So very many people over the last several weeks have fallen ill with a bronchial/respiratory crap along with flu like symptoms - why aren't I sick when I have been working closely with many of these people while they were sick?
Because my "terrain" and immune response is strong.Bottom line - make the quality of your "nutrition" your primary priority.
This is NOT an easy task... but generally, anything worth while requires hard work and discipline.
I spend many hours a week growing, searching, and procuring the VERY BEST foods.
I then spend at least a few hours a day preparing my own meals with these foods; my wife and kids still go for microwaved convince foods even after all of my progress due to social pressures and "desires"... they have though given up things like soda and artificial sweeteners, fats, etc. I will not allow them in the house, so they have all realized some progress in health.
In today's world, those two REQUIREMENTS alone, finding the best raw whole foods, and then preparing them, cause MOST to discard these ideas in favor of "convenience".
They WANT the lazy way out... there is an easy way... however, you first must realize it and then be willing to do the work.
Add the social/peer pressures to the above "inconveniences" and this whole idea and way of life is lost to most. Some would not even entertain the idea to the radical lifestyle choices and changes they would have to make.
I hope they will not have children, but if they do, their children will suffer the consequences of their choices...
Do people that make the quality of their nutrition a priority for years intuitively/instinctively know something that others do not?
Yes, they most certainly do. They KNOW, that their body, mind and soul all communicate intimately with each other at ALL times... and when they lose or disrupt this communication due to an occasional indulgence or vacation (we all do) where they may be eating lower quality foods, it is like being split in three... you seoperate the whole into "weaker" parts...
Want to reach a higher mental and/or spiritual level of consciousness?
Make the quality of your foods and preparing them yourself a priority...
The numbers of those who know this truth are growing as they learn through those who steadfastly understand this.
No science needed... it never was.

6/28/2009 The wife and I worked all morning yesterday together...
She is so sore she hasn't moved but for essential tasks all morning...
While I spent 3 hours working on the roof in 105+ degree weather. And am getting
ready to work out in the yard.

Now, I would be the first to state we are all different... but this is from a
guy who could barely walk up and down a street curb 5+ years ago, while the wife
ran circles around him...

Those of you who know my history also know what I have overcome...
BTW - last weekend I worked out and did my martial arts waist deep in 4+ foot
ocean waves... and ran on the beach.
now who is running the circles?
I am convinced that minerals, especially the much dietary void\lacking trace
minerals are a HUGE key to health. These trace minerals play huge roles in
creating and enabling hormones, enzymes, vitamins. Did you know selenium is
required for your body to create CoQ10? B vitamins, C, and E are also needed...
I am convinced that the best way to get them is through the very best foods you
can find and eat of a "single" ingredient... like and apple. If you eat
processed foods, make them yourself from the "single" very best ingredients and
do not forget to use the discards, if not in soup stocks, in your mulch pit.
I am convinced that these trace minerals are key to dealing with many viruses
and other ails as shown in the literature. for instance the minerals selenium
and manganese both being shown to eliminate the replications of the HIV virus...
there are too many others here to list.
That said, I am convinced that form matters... for instance, fluoride is known
to cause calcium deficiencies. IN the form of calcium fluoride it is relatively
inert and harmless in the amount you may encounter, however as fluorosylic acid
or sodium fluoride (what we find in commercial products and water it becomes a
In fact, calcium hydroxide is a treatment for fluoride poisoning... so very prevalent these days. And preferred, at least by me over calcium chloride treatment given the prevalence of iodine deficiencies.Moving on...
I am convinced that SBOs\NSOs (soil based\natural soil organisms) and comprehensive probiotics with bifidus are essential parts of good health. Why? Because with all the usage of antibiotics, sterilized foods and food additives which either strip out and\or kill these beneficial organisms from our gut need to be replaced... constantly.
These NSO's\SBOs and probiotics live off of the foods we eat and manufacture many of the complexed enzymes\proteins, vitamins, and create the electromagnetic energy as well as other factors we need in order to thrive; they are our colleagues and friends.
I am convinced that a lack of specific enzymes (mineral(s)\protein complexes) are a huge issue here as well... because we no longer seem to be able to manufacture them ourselves (lacking in the individual components and NSOs\SBOs probiotics) nearly as efficiently as we once were capable of doing before moving away from the soil, modern pollution, agricultural, and food processing methods, etc. created an environment and food that breaks apart these enzymes (mineral\protein complexes) and renders their separate components extremely difficult to absorb.
Get some soil under your nails today... it will do you good... get dirty.
In fact, I believe that a virus, like lets say HIV (since I mentioned it), may become a beneficial enzyme when joined as lock and key with the mineral it seeks (a virus is an acidic protein with a protein or acidic lipid coat) such as selenium or manganese... there most likely are others.
These are the basics in my mind...
Sure we can run out and purchase a high quality greens product (Healthforce is second to none in this regard IMO but pricey) fulvic (ionic minerals - pricey again, but good and beneficial), or a natural food state vitamin (MegaFoods\Innate Response is second to none IMO as they can be crushed before taken to improve absorption - but again pricey) or any number of other lessor products...
But there are MUCH cheaper ways to go such as the ML suggested methods... there is no way that the ML drink provides 100% of daily RDA of everything, HOWEVER, when one studies the use of homeopathics, or ionic minerals such as fulvic, one comes to find that the stimulatory effect of the small amount of ionic state nutrition, stimulates the body to make exponentially better use of the nutrition it needs from foods... from the digestive tract into the cell.
The information presented in this forum in regard to health are sound... no question, period.
The cost is minimal compared to other options.
If you are economically challenged, this forum is for you... if you want to spend your hard earned money you do have more expensive methods to get to the same place and achieve the same thing. No one is stopping you...
While there may be one truth as ML states, there are many more ways than one to get there; some may work better or faster than others.
Some are sustainable, while others are not... think about that; especially given the current climate and coming COdex laws etc.
I would venture a guess, that once we are faced in the not to distant future with ever narrowing choices, the methods presented here will be a
godsend\lifesaver to those who know them.
If if you do not do them; learn them.
For the same reasons, learn Weed Medicine... the use of wild indigenous plants (those that grow naturally around you) for accomplishing some of the same things.
That my friends is survivalism at its roots.

Moreless... he is right about the increased need for the smörgåsbord of alkaline minerals that are
lacking, sometimes severely lacking, in our conventional and processed foods,

just as silica and sulfur are lacking, however he never states that the alkaline
minerals should be taken by themselves without complementary acids in a
preferably carbon bound form (likely one reason for lemon or ACV and Black Strap
Molasses in the drink), in order to properly, and efficiently absorb them.
I have had extremely excellent results with learning, understanding, and
applying moreless's protocol (while the protocol emphasizes alkaline minerals,
it also includes acids)... and I doubt I am an anomaly judging from the
whether you believe them or not is irrelevant to me... the proof
is in the results I have experienced over 5+ years.
Among the results are a 50+ pound weight loss without dieting per se... I never
count calories and eat all the fats, and sugars I want... the form of those fats
and sugars is what matters.
My "miraculous" results following and studying the principles of moreless's
teachings have led to a group of physicians accepting my services in giving
nutrition classes to other physicians and health care professionals.

I do not introduce moreless's protocol to them, however I introduce soil
science, including microorganisms, and sound nutritional advice... including
things like food based supplementation if needed.
Given the occasional opportunity for 1 on 1, I get into more of the details...
including that males and females and people from different racial/ethnic
backgrounds have different, sometimes very different, nutritional needs.

10/3/2009 Keep in mind I am 53...
I sat on a Board for a Martial Arts rank promotion test for testing
I was the oldest in the room...
Sparred candidates that were in their teens to late 30's.
Also helped with the coordination and holding of boards and bricks for breaking
by the candidates... for those that do not know... holders generally end up with
mashed fingers from the middle ranks... no problem for me.
Standard op is that 5 boards and a brick need to be broken with different
techniques and include both dominant and non-dominant hands AND feet without
using the same technique twice.
Yes I have done that myself... with 7 boards and two bricks. I am the only one
that breaks (thus far) with my head too... LOL.
When it was over, I felt as if I went through a test... whew... ringing wet with
sweat and all... got out of breath a time or two too.
This from a guy who could hardly get in and out of a chair 5 years ago... and
had major mobility problems at times due to 4 knee surgeries, two on each one,
and a back surgery - I also had my left calf muscle severed in half when I was
13 and left leg broken when I was 15... various other things too... including
skin cancer and a lipoma the size of a grapefruit.
All that is behind me.

I have come a long way. I want more - I want to do this indefinitely - I had fun
doing it.
Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food. High quality, nutrient
dense food is a must.

For anyone who has done a little food research, they will find that the
nutritional value of foods has fallen dramatically in the last 100 years, and
that this is true for organics as well, though they are always your better
choice IMO - labeled or not.
You will also find that MOST trace minerals are severely lacking in these foods,
and that agricultural chemicals, and NPN's cause the nutrition in food to be
bound and unavailable to you.
A little more research and you can find one or more macro and/or trace mineral
DEFICIENCIES involved in EVERY degenerative disease... AND implicated in the
INCREASING prevalence of disease such as autoimune diseases, including AIDS, and
You will also find that pharmaceutical side effects are due to their causing
mineral and nutrient deficiencies.
If you can be self sufficient and raise/grow your own foods of the highest
quality... you may have it made :-)
However, if not, and due to the commercially available foods being of such poor
quality today, if you find yourself needing some nutritional help... fill in the
gaps with some or all of the suggestions found in this forum.
NOTE: Foods include high quality herbs and spices. Use them in your cooking for
food prep... and tasty things such as cinnamon or black pepper of high quality
are both an excellent source of manganese.
Read the rated posts by using the search features here... then, if you have
questions after reading them, ask... someone here will be happy to answer them
for you.
To your health and well being.