---MS Healing - Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Gone--- by refreshed

I asked God to show me how to heal and this is the direction He took me. All of this is from not having enough alkaline minerals and allowing the fluids in my body to become too acidic.

I have a condition called "Military Neck" which affects the curve of my neck. Last year I had my annual x-ray with my chiropractor and she stated that I had spurs forming. This year the spurs were GONE!!!! Praise God and I thank him for leading me to the Moreless Protocol. :)

For me, my feet and legs hurt the most first thing in the morning when I got up from bed or from sitting or standing too long, but basically they hurt all the time. All my muscles were too tight and would not relax, no matter what I did. My chiropractor and massage therapist could not keep the muscles from staying tight. They would massage my muscles and I would say...."do it harder...I can't feel it". That is how hard and stiff they were.

I slightly tore both of my thigh muscles at the same time trying to do work in the yard due to the fact that they just would not relax. I have had adhesions form in my muscle and have had trained specialists have to tear them loose. (extremely painful)

I had started limping on my left side when I decided I had to do something fast. Many people with MS symptoms complain of dragging their foot but I didn't wait around to see if it would get that far.

My toes were bent up inside my shoes and would rub blisters on the top knuckles of the toes. My hands never clawed up thank goodness, but my shoulders/neck were very tight and I figured it would have been just a matter of time that the hands would have ended up like my feet.

There use to be just a small range of temperature I could tolerate without feeling sick. Add hot flashes to this problem and people will look at you with concern and ask "are you you need help?" Doing hot baths or saunas were things that just did not work with me before. I would feel so ill and weak that I couldn't function well for days. Now I take my hot alkalizing baths 2-3 times a week and work outside in the heat without any problems. (as long as I'm hydrated and alkalized)

This has been the best summer so far due to my body being more alkaline. My hot flashes are gone and I can tolerate the heat. I have a light golden tan that doesn't just peel off. I can now sweat without my skin or hair being an oily grease pit and the mosquitoes seem to just ignore me. I no longer fear heat. If I can spend a day walking and climbing the Ruins of Pompeii in 95 degree heat, I pretty much consider the MS a thing of the past. I have noticed that my cognitive problems seem to have cleared up as well.

The most exciting point of this summer is that I just got back from my trip and my fly partner commented to me at the airport that I didn't look like I had MS because I was power walking and lifting my heavy luggage with ease. Bring on trip #2...I'm feeling good and ready to go.

When I ran across the part where Moreless was telling about his son being in a coma and sleeping in the fetal position because of being too acidic, I then realized that I had another praise to add to my list. For years I use to sleep in the fetal position because it just seemed to be the only comfortable way to sleep. I just realized that I sleep straight-out now. I never even thought about the fetal position being a sign of being too acidic. Acidity caused my muscles to contract and curl up in the fetal position and my toes bunch up.

My muscles could not relax due to excess acid. After using the Moreless protocols for less than 2 years, I no longer have this problem. My chiropractor even notices the difference. I use to not be able to hold an adjustment long enough to even get back in my car to go home but now I need very little work to stay straight.

Numbness/tingling all went away. No flairs of MS in a very long time.

Let's see...list of beauty plus's due to ML protocols.

Softest skin I have every had. No need for lotions or specialty creams
Smaller pores
Nice balanced skin. Not oily, not dry
Some sun damage spots have been erased
Almost all skin tags gone
A few warty/moles have sloughed off
Mosquitoes don't like me anymore, so no more red, itchy spots
No body odor
Teeth whiter due to H202 sprays

Nails clean, clear (no yellow) with pink, healthy nail bed, very white tips
(like french manicure) Strong with no ridges. Free matching french manicure on toes. No need for polish.

Less oily hair, so it is fluffier

Slightly thicker hair (but still can't go without some help from hot curlers and a touch of hairspray)
too humid and I don't do flat hair. Aloe Vera can work as a hair gel.

Use just mineral powder makeup which I tested to be alkaline and doesn't clog pores.
Warning: Some of the acne or nighttime mineral powders are highly acidic.
Didn't need them anymore anyway, so in the trash they went.

If I think of others, I will come back and add them to the list.