America's National Religion of Evolution #2

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-----------------We the People------------------

America’s National Religion of Evolution #2

Let us see if we can build a case and find any facts to support those who believe in the False Theory of evolution.

What do those who believe in evolution claim as their support?

I heard and read that evolution was supposed to be True.

Everyone who has been to school knows this is the science they teach, so it must be True.

If you have been Highly Educated in a University, you would know Science has Proved evolution with all kinds of facts and evidence.

Didn’t you see the scientific proof in school where the Slime crawled out of the ocean and got to the trees and became a Monkey, then started walking and became a Human? You mean you didn’t see those evolution Monkey charts?

You just aren’t educated enough, everyone knows evolution is Fact and that Science has proven it.

Look at all the different kinds of cows and different kinds of dogs and different kinds of birds and different kinds of sheep, see that is proof that evolution is fact.

Did I miss any of the supposedly scientific proof that evolution is a fact?

Now let us look at all of the Scientific Proof that Proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is one of the Biggest Lies ever to deceive so many people.

Science has never found a horse that was not completely a horse.

Science has never found a cow that was not completely a cow.

Science has never found a dog that was not completely a dog.

Science has never found a bird that was not completely a bird.

Science has never found a Human that was not completely a Human.

Science has never found a fish that was not completely a fish.

Science has never found an animal that was not completely the same animal.

Even Darwin admitted before his Death that the changes within Species to the environment were just Adaptation and not evolution.

Evolution is nothing more than a False Religion that people believe that have Rebelled against society and they’re own Creator.

Could most believers in evolution just be –two-year-old Brat Kids-- that started Rebelling against their parents and have never grown up?

Anyone believing in the Religion of Evolution is Rebelling against their Creator and his Godly Principles. Grow up you are no longer kids, you are Destroying America!

The Evil Religion of Evolution is all about Rebellion against their Creator and the Constitution. This is how you ---“Fundamentally change America”---!

Evolution is all about Rebellion against God’s principles.

Rebelling against God’s principles is a Losing way of Life.

Rebelling against God’s principles causes peoples minds to be filled with Hatred.

How can anyone with their mind filled with Hatred ever become Good Citizens?

Un-Godly people are Trashing and Trampling on their Creator and the Constitution.

Everyone who believes in evolution is Anti-God and has rebelled against their God and very likely their own parents. Can a Bad tree produce Good Fruit? All they know how to do is Destroy Life! Just look at the over 50 Million Unborn Babies they have already Murdered in America.

Can anyone accomplish any –Good Works-- who has Un-Godly beliefs?

All that Un-Godly people know is to Hate and Destroy Life!

Belief in evolution is Rebellion against Godly Principles! God said he Created man in his own image.--- The first Principle of evolution is built strictly on calling God a Liar. In order for evolution to be a fact, God would have to be a Liar!

The very foundation of evolution is calling God a Liar. God said I Created all things! Evolution states you are a Liar, everything evolved!

Evolution has Absolutely No Facts in Science to support it!

The Whole Purpose of evolution is to give the followers a way to battle our Creator and remove our Creator from Schools, Courthouses, and Statehouses.

The Laws that were passed to allow abortion, would never have been allowed to be passed without the Government backing the National Religion of Evolution.

Any Law that would allow our Freedoms to be taken away and allow for the Murder of Unborn babies —Is Unconstitutional.--

Without this Anti-God Religion of Evolution being Government sponsored through Deception, the Constitutional Laws written on Christian Beliefs would never have allowed for the Murder of over 50 Million Unborn babies.

Our Nation can ---never recover--- it’s Greatness until this Un-Godly law of –Murder-- is removed from this Nation and enough people wake up and start supporting their Creator and his Morality.

The Whole Purpose of the ---National Religion of Evolution--- is to Destroy our Constitution and ---“Fundamentally change America”---!